From Guayaquil

1. There is a direct bus from CLP (window 87 at Guayaquil's Terrestrial Terminal) to Montañita-Olón which leaves at 5am, 6am, 9am, 1pm, 3pm and 4.30pm. Cuesta $6 dólares americanos una vía.

2. Indirectly, one takes any bus that goes to La Libertad. Get off at Santa Elena at the junction of buses that go to Montanita-Olón and you can take the bus CITUP, Manglaralto or Reales Tamarindos.

From Quito

You can get to Guayaquil first in several transports and then transfer to Olón.

You can also arrive from Quito in the north to Puerto López with Reina del Camino transports:
Quito-Centro, (02) 321-6624 (Quito-Quitumbe, (02) 382-4850) Hours: 07:15, 20:45. > From the terminal September 18 north of Quito.
Hours: 07H30. Carlos Alberto Aray. Telephone in Santo Domingo, (02) 275-0424. Schedule Condado Shopping Quito: 07H00, from Quitumbe 10H00 or 19H00.

Some of these buses can be taken from the center of Quito an hour earlier.
There are direct buses from Quito to La Libertad:
Transport Esmeraldas
Phone: 024824791.
Hours: 09H30, 20H50, 21H20, 22H10.
Transportes Occidentales Phone: +593 2 2502734 / +593 22502735.
Hours: 20H30

From La Libertad, take the CITUP, Manglaralto or Reales Tamarindos to Olón.
Approximate ticket price $13 dollars.
Approximate time: 10 hours.
It is advisable to leave from the terminal of the north of Quito.

Form Puerto López

You take the bus Manglaralto or the bus Reales Tamarindos.

How to reach us by car :

Approximate duration 2½ hours

1. Take the normal road to Salinas.
2. Passing the Baños de San Vicente there is a sign that says Punta Blanca / San Vicente / Olón, turn right. This is a small carter that takes you to the beach.
3. It advances about 15 to 20 minutes to the end. You reach the junction of San Pablo (on the corner there is a large gas station) .
4. Turn right following the coast. You will pass through some villages until you reach Montañita. At the end of Montanita there is a bifurcation. Both roads lead to Olón but the one on the left is longer. If you come in the afternoon along the road on the left you will see a beautiful landscape.
5. When you reach Olón, pass the OLONCITO mini market on the right. On the left after a few meters passes a soccer field and the first street after the soccer field (in a yellow corner house on the left) turns down that street towards the bottom until reaching the sea.
6. Bordering the beach on the left is an entrance to the garage which is our three-storey red brick hostel with wood.