In Olon people enjoy nature,
the crystal clear sea water and its long and wide beach
covered with fine white sand.

Although Olón is not as visited as Montañita,
it is a place that attracts many tourists
in search of a place to relax,
rest and be in harmony with nature.

Hikes or horseback riding
through the long beach
is one of the best ways to relax,
enjoy and enjoy the sea water,
sand and breeze .

The Mirador of the Sanctuary of Olón
is one of the most visited places by tourists.

The view of the village,
the mountains,
the beach and the ocean
are amazing.

In San Pedro, half an hour south of Olon, paragliding can be practiced almost daily.

In Puerto López,
45 minutes north of Olón,
from June to October
is the whale season.

From the western part of the town,
many boats sail all Whale Watching

or to visit Isla de la Plata
(The Galapagos of the Poor).

The Isla de la Plata,
two hours of Puerto Lopez by boat,
is a national sanctuary
for many sea birds, mammals and reptiles.

Piqueros Patas Azules
Frigates, Pelicans, Seals
and a wide variety of fish
and turtles can be sighted.

Los Frailes
is one of the best beaches
preserved species of Ecuador.

Nature in its purest form
only 40 min. of our Hostel.

The village of Aguas Blancas
apart from the museum,
also has a large swimming pool
of sulphurous waters of volcanic origin.

The water smells a little
but its medicinal properties
and benefits for the skin
of those who visit are well known.
Some visitors call her
the fountain of eternal youth.

Olón is surrounded
by mountains and woods
where wildlife
and many exotic birds
can be observed.
In the beautiful mountains
there are waterfalls and pools
where people can cool off
in the midst of nature
and wonderful trees.
Access to waterfalls
neither is easy nor difficult,
but worth the effort.